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Cute Mermaid Stationery – 1


Free Cute Mermaid Stationery – Children’s Writing Paper – This FREE download is ideal letter writing paper for kids. Letters. Lists. You name it.


Cute Mermaid Stationery Lined 1

Writing Paper for Kids

Cute Mermaid Stationery - Lined 1

Cute Mermaid Stationery – Lined 1

Possible Mermaid Writing Paper Uses:

1. Publishing Writing – From fantasy to nonfiction pieces, students can publish the final draft of their writing on these decorative pages.
2. Printing Published Writing – After students finish their final drafts have them write their masterpieces on this graphic paper.
3. Poetry Display – Celebrate your students’ poetry efforts by having them publish their work on this printable stationery. 
4. Writing Letters – Students can write letters to pen-pals, authors or family members on this lined writing paper.
5. About an Artwork – Create a text to either explain how the artwork was created or an ‘about this image’ piece. 

6. Student Books – Students can create their own books using the lined paper. 
7. Back to School Night Letters – Students can write a letter to their parents about their excitement for the new school year. When parents visit for Back to School Night, they can write back to their children. It’s a nice surprise for students to see when they return to school the next day!
8. Make a List – If students are listing “How To” steps or directions to follow, they can use the lined paper to keep their thoughts organized.
9. Use Your Imagination – there are so many possibilities to be explored when you have a blank piece of paper 🙂 

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Cute Mermaid Stationery:
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